XiPeng Li

(lisnb) the Key Labratory of Network Data Science and Technology, ICT, CAS lixipeng.icthotmail.com
Nankai University
  • Outstanding Graduates
  • Merit Student (for 4 consecutive years)
  • National Scholarship
  • National Encouragement Scholarship
  • Tianjin Government Scholarship
  • etc.
Institute of Computing Technology, CAS
  • National Scholarship
  • Excellent Student of Golaxy
  • Outstanding Volunteer of ICT
  • Merit Student
  • etc.
     practical experiences   


News App Data Acquisition and Analysis System

  • Analyzed the APIs and request parameters of news apps servers by capturing network packets with Wireshark
  • Developed a system to crawl news data of 9 of the most famous news apps then stored into MongoDB
  • Retrieved, analyzed and visualized the data using Highcharts on a Django and Bootstrap based website
  • Proposed a framework to detect events as the context to predict popular comments, published
  • Filtered and stored data from multiple sources in MySQL, distributed specific data to other systems
  • Called Java from python using pyjnius, dealt with high load with multiple threads (processes) and queues
  • Captured screenshot of news on apps using Android emulator, set up a static file server to provide screenshots

technology used
  • python
  • django
  • MongoDB
  • Bootstrap
  • Data Mining
developed independently


Document Format Check Tool

  • Office Open XML (also informally known as OOXML or OpenXML) is a zipped, XML-based file format developed by Microsoft for representing spreadsheets, charts, presentations and word processing documents.
  • Unzip and analyze the Microsoft Word file to know how OpenXML works
  • Check a document to find if there are some inappropriate format according to a standard document( eg: essay etc.), then provides some suggestions.

technology used
  • C#
  • OpenXML
  • Microsoft Office Word
三月 的 阴雨
飘摇 的 南方
你 坐在
你 空空 的 米店


Chinese Segement Tool

Take jieba() as reference, segment with three algorithms:

  1. Forward Maximum Matching
  2. Max Probability Path
  3. HMM&Viterbi
using Sogou Lab Data as part of corpus: SogouW

technology used
  • python
  • NLP
  • HMM&Viterbi
developed independently,the class project of NLP


Information Distribution System

  • Developed an information system with PHP Yii Framework, implemented the front-end with Bootstrap
  • Learnt about MVC framework, designed and implemented RESTful APIs for C/S communication
  • Maintained an ASP.NET website system, added charts and report export function (WORD, EXCEL) to it

technology used
  • PHP
  • Yii
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
developed independently, deployed


A simple information distribution website, deployed on SAE(Sina App Engine).

technology used
  • python
  • django
  • Bootstrap
  • Sina App Engine
PhysicsMajor developed independently



A sniffer to sniff, capture, analyze network packets, supporting general filters, GUI is based on WPF.

technology used
  • C#
  • WPF
  • WinPCAP
developed independently, class project of Network Information Security


Blocking the UI of Sina Weibo

A chrome plugin to block the banner and significant part of Sina Weibo's UI, in case of being caught by your boss when you spare youself at work. LOL

technology used
  • Chrome
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS
developed independently


A tool to label the channel of web pages.

Chrome Plugin,when browing web pages,label the pages' channel (news, blog, bbs, etc.), log it on server as corpus for experienments

technology used
  • Chrome
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS
developed independently

Pacwoman & lisnb's garage

lisnb's garage is a blog,based on Hexo, deployed on  .Pacwoman is a theme of Hexo, based on Pacman(), with a sticker feature.

technology used
  • node.js
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Git

skill set

  • python
  • C++
  • C#
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • CET-6(537)
  • etc.
  • Git
  • Linux
  • Sublime Text
  • vim
  • cmake
  • etc.
  • django
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • etc.
  • excellent ability to read and write documents
  • excellent ability to learn
  • excellent ability to have problem solved
  • self-motivation
  • etc.

work experiences

JD.COM SDE 2016/7-now search advertisement


China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center 2012/10-2013/5 System developer and maintainer internship
Tianaizhihang Inc. 2012/3 – 2012/4 System developer Internship
New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. 2011/10 – 2012/5 Part time teacher


TREC 2014 Web Track (Automatic) First Place Teamwork,TREC ( Text REtrieval Conference, WIKI: TREC )
Alibaba Big Data Competition, TOP100 Teamwork
CNITSEC Information Security Competition Teamwork Award


Li X P et al. A News App Popular Comment Prediction Framework Based on Event Detection CCIR2015
Xue, Y., Yu, X., Guan, F., Li, X., Du, M., Liu, Y., & Cheng, X. ICTNET at Web Track TREC2014. ICTNET at Web Track TREC2014 ( PDF )
Multi-level Data Records Automatic Extraction from Template Generated Web Pages CNKI